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  66th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference will be held in September 2013, Essen, Germany
  The Total Amount of IIW Diplomas issued by CANB Ranks Second with IIW Members
  The Total Number of IWE Diplomas Issued in China Ranks No.1 in the World
  The Promotion and Development of IIW Education, Qualification & Certification System in China
  Welding Training International Qualification Link to the World Forward to the future
  Welding Training ,International Qualification ,Serve to Company ,Forward to the World
  International Cooperation and Development of International Welding Training and Qualification System in China
  The exploration and practices of WTI Harbin cooperation with universities co-cultured International Welding Engineer (IWE) for past decade
  Induction to International Welding Training and Qualification System and Training Guidelines
  Implementation of International Welding Personnel Examination and Qualification System in China
  International welding personnel training and qualification serving national long-distance oil and gas pipelines construction

Promotion by Resource Sharing, Win-win by Cooperation and Innovation

  Welding Training • International Qualification • Company Service • World Participation
  Introduction to the development of international welding qualification of ANB authorized by IAB/IIW
  Cooperation between China and Germany for TwentyYears as well as Development of International Welding Training and Qualification in China
  The Promotion of International Certification Harmonization of Welding Fabrication Industries
  Appeal to Perfect Education and Training System in Order to Continuous Development of Welding Science Technology and Production


A New Training Mode for Welding Technical Talents at Chinese Universities After Joining WTO
  "Welding Training & International Qualification" Common Enterprise Common Honour
  Promoting International Harmonization of Qualification of Welding Manufacture Enterprises
  Refresher about Development of International Welding Training and Qualification System
  Training Specification of Welding Personnel with Interantional Certificate and Its Implement


The Necessity and Outlook of International Welding Inspection Personnel Training in China
  How to Establish ATB Quality Management System in China
  Training and Qualification of Welding Personnel with International Certificate
  The Retrospect and Prospect of Training and Test of Internationally Certified Welder
  Retrospect on Training Work of Welding Instructor
  The Change and Adjustment of Payment System of International Qualification Scheme