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Chinese Authorised National Body for Company Certification (CANBCC) founded by Chinese Welding Training and Qualification Committee (CANB),is an unique organisation conducting IIW Manufacturer Certification Scheme in China. Prof. Lin Shangyang, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), chaired the governing board; Prof. Xie Yinglong and Mr. Zhou Junnian were elected as vice chairmen. The CANBCC secretariat was set up in WTI Sino-Germany International, Beijing, Prof. Xie Yinglong took the responsibility of scheme manager, and Professor Piao Dongguang and Mr. Yu Zhenping were appointed as deputy scheme managers.

CANBCC formally applied to IIW in May 2010, fulfilled the documents assessment on 15 June 2010, successfully passed the initial assessment on 12 & 13 November 2010, and got the full authorization at Paris meeting on January 2011. CANBCC has assessed 11 companies prior to full authorization.

To fulfill the extensive market demands in China, WTI Harbin and SLV Duisburg, Germany have started cooperation on company certification since 1999.Up to end of 2010, more than 200 companies were certified according to ISO 3834, EN15085 and EN 1090 etc.

According to statistics, there are nearly 10000 welding manufacturers in China, including a large number of foreign companies and international suppliers which may have the demands for company certification. To meet such demands of Chinese welding manufacturers which seek more internationalized development, CANBCC will actively provide company certification services and promote IIW Manufacturer Certification Scheme in China.

Introduction to IIW Manufacture Certification Scheme

In 2007 EWF and IIW agreed to transfer to IIW the EWF Manufactures Certification System in the field of the Certification Scheme in accordance with the ISO 3834. In January 2008 IIW has approved the IIW Manufactures Certification Scheme.

In 2009 the IIW - ANBCCs net work comprised eighteen (18) members, three (3) from out -side Europe. The approved ANBCCs are: Australia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

CANBCC has passed assessment of IIW IAB for ANBCC getten the authorization to implement IIW Manufacturer Certification System according to ISO3834 standard in China.

* CANBCC obtained IIW Authorization Recently
* The Promotion and Development of IIW Education, Qualification & Certification System in China
* The Meeting of CANB Governing Board Held in Beijing
* Promotional Meeting of International Certification System for Welding manufacturing Held in Beijing
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