Chinese Welding Training and Qualification Committee (CANB) is a legal organisation authorised by International Institute of Welding (IIW) to implement international harmonised qualification system in china. In January 2000, IIW awarded full authorisation to CANB, since then CANB has started to implement the system worldwide and issue diplomas recognised by IIW members. Candidates passing the examination can get the following diplomas:
  • International Welding Engineer (IWE)
  • International Welding Technologist (IWT)
  • International Welding Specialist ( IWS )
  • International Welding Practitioner (IWP)
  • International Welder (IW)
  • International Welding Inspection Personnel ( IWIP )
  • International Welding structures Designer ( IWSD )
Up to 2013, CANB has issued over 10,000 diplomas and the number of diplomas CANB awarded ranks the second in the world.
Chinese Authorised National Body for Company Certification (CANBCC) founded by CANB,is an unique organisation conducting IIW Manufacturer Certification Scheme in China.In January 2011, CANBCC got the full authorization at IIW Paris meeting and started to conduct ISO 3834 Manufacturers Certification System in China.
* 66th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference will be held in September 2013, Essen, Germany
* The Total Amount of IIW Diplomas issued by CANB Ranks Second with IIW Members
* The Total Number of IWE Diplomas Issued in China Ranks No.1 in the World
* The Promotion and Development of IIW Education, Qualification & Certification System in China
* The Meeting of CANB Governing Board Held in Beijing
* Promotional Meeting of International Certification System for Welding manufacturing Held in Beijing
*  Welding TrainingInternational QualificationLink to the WorldForward to the future
* International Cooperation and Development of International Welding Training and Qualification System in China
* IIW 2012 ANNUAL REPORT is published and available
* Page of China on IIW Website
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